Concrete impregnation


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  • Concrete impregnation from the expert

    As a specialist for concrete finishing, we support you in all your construction projects with effective and efficient surface protection products for concrete. Productive, sustainable and easy to apply – the innovative FABRINO solutions for concrete impregnation are appreciated by contractors, building material manufacturers and architects all over the world.

  • Concrete impregnation: our products

    The SICOROL surface protection systems from FABRINO are suitable for preventing serious damage to concrete components, exposed concrete, architectural concrete or other building fabric:

    • SICOROL F: hydrophobic impregnation which does not affect the colour of the concrete surface and has an EN 1504-2 certification.
    • SICOROL N: concrete impregnation by a light surface film, colour-enhancing, but without gloss effect
    • SICOROL N PLUS: is a color deepening, water based impregnation product that displays a long lasting gloss effect.
    • SICOROL GP: ready to-use water-based and colorless Graffiti-impregnation
    • And many other innovative products
  • Three variants for concrete protection

    We differentiate in general between three different possibilities of surface protection systems. Hydrophobic impregnations are mainly intended to reduce water penetration into the concrete, but the protective effect is less than with the other protection systems. Concrete impregnations have a similar effect like hydrophobic systems, but penetrate deeper into the concrete. In contrast, the concrete sealant products build a protective film on the concrete surface: impurities such as paint or dirt do not attack the concrete and can be easily removed.