Refining concrete with FABRINO

Always one step ahead: FABRINO is your reliable partner for architectural concrete, concrete finishing, concrete impregnation and concrete reinforcement.

  • Whether concrete finishing or concrete reinforcement: FABRINO has a state of the art product right product

    Our customers know what they can expect from a leading construction chemical company: Every day we work on innovative solutions that meet the demands of contractors, industrial floor layers, building material manufacturers, architects and concrete plants.


    That´s what makes FABRINO stand out:
    • “Innovative through research”
    • We are visionaries, not “portfolio managers”
    • We set standards: technically & economically


    As a specialist supplier for the design and maintainance of concrete surfaces and in the field of concrete reinforcement, we support the construction industry, ready-mix concrete plants as well as artists and architects throughout Europe with unique ideas and products for concrete finishing and reinforcement.

  • Refining & protecting concrete: We provide support in the architectural concrete business area

    Architects, concrete designers and contractors appreciate FABRINO Concrete Solutions: For the architectural sector, we manufacture high-quality products for the concrete finishing of architectural concrete and fair-faced concrete. From surface retarders and glass granulates for screed to concrete sealants and impregnations, we supply everything for concrete design, concrete finishing and protection of your concrete.


    FABRINO photoconcrete offers a special way to design architectural concrete. This innovative process transfers lettering or entire images onto precast concrete elements. Would you like to find out more about the various possibilities of concrete finishing? Our service staff will be happy to answer your questions about the acidification or washing out of concrete surfaces.

    Hochleistungsfasern High Grade Concrix
  • Strengthening concrete by refining: our concrete fibres made of plastic & natural fibres

    Our second business unit produces synthetic concrete fibers that reinforce concrete and reduce conventional reinforcement. In addition to micro and macro fibres, we also offer mono and natural fibres to strengthen your concrete.


    Our concrete fibers are used, for example, in road and rail construction, as well as for industrial floors or agricultural buildings. The fibers consist either of special plastics or renewable raw materials for sustainable construction projects.


    Irrespective of their material, the fibers distribute themselves evenly in the concrete and provide a smooth surface for precast concrete elements or other molded parts: Concrete reinforcement and concrete finishing go hand in hand with FABRINO concrete fibres. Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of alternative reinforcement?