• Product Information

      With our photo concrete technology it is possible to transfer photos, images and logos onto pre-cast concrete elements. In contrast to stenciling methods our technology does not rely on the influence of light and shadows to create an image in the finished element. Images can be protected against staining and efflorescence by using one of our industry-leading surface impregnators.


      Areas of Application:

      • Cladding
      • Designer garden and lanscaping elements
      • Flooring elements
      • Bespoke products
      • (Use with in-situ concrete is not possible)
  • Technical Details

      The image is first converted into black and white and printed onto our purpose-made film. A specially developed surface retarder is then printed onto the film, replicating the original image. The specially developed retarder prevents the hardening of the surface matrix of the concrete which can then be washed away once the formwork is removed. The contrasting depths in the surface of the concrete create light and dark areas which replicate the black and white image.

  • Downloads
  • Application Video

    • Technical consultation about our application technology
    • Workplace training opportunities
    • Logo/Photo concrete visualisations

    • Image file of minimum 300 dpi / Vector file
    • High-quality concrete manufacture
    • Preliminary trials