• Product information

      GREEN is a greenfilament fibre for improving the characteristics of construction elements made of concrete and mortar. The fibre will ensure uniform and fast three dimensional distribution throughout the matrix. GREEN efficiently reduces shrinkage cracking in the early setting phase and in most cases replaces the structural steel inserts in this area.

      GREEN prevents sedimentation – the subsequent settlement of the matrix.

  • Technical details


      The recommended addition rate for screeds is min. 0.6 kg/m3 to max. 0.9 kg/m3.

      For concrete structures, the standard addition rate is mind. 0.6 kg/m3.

      For shotcrete and other special applications, individual addition rates are suggested.


      GREEN is available in standard lengths of approx 10 mm.

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  • Batch sizes

    • Bags: 300 g
    • Boxes: 48 bags of 300 g = 14.4 kg
    • Pallets: 36 boxes of 14.4 kg = 518.4 kg