• Product information

      DIAMOND is a high-performance synthetic mono fibre developed for structural reinforcement of concrete elements and can be fully integrated and used within static calculations. The unique, high number of fibres allows DIAMOND to provide unrivalled 3-dimensional reinforcement.



      • Allows for crack width calculations, provides excellent shrinkage-crack control
      • Increased impact resistance
      • prevents sedimentation – the subsequent settlement of the concrete matrix
      • Provides a high level of resistance to concrete structures exposed to the effects and influence of aggressive water

      Areas of Application:

      • Industrial floors, Floor slabs and concrete walls
      • Both indoor and outdoor retail flooring
  • Technical Details



      The recommended usage for structural concrete is normally 2 – 3 kg fibers/m3 concrete. Modifications to this dosage rate, if necessary, are provided in a structural calculation.



      The addition of DIAMOND high-performance mono fibres in concrete production facilities requires a slight increase in the mixing time; this increase is dependent upon the mixing appliance. DIAMOND can be used alongside all known admixtures without any problem.

      Caution: The addition of DIAMOND will increase the stiffness of the concrete! This characteristic should be optimised by use of a concrete plasticiser! Additional water should not be used!

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    • Bag: 1 kg
    • Box: 8 Papgerbags of 1 kg = 8 kg
    • Pallet: 25 Boxes of 8 kg = 200 kg