• Product Information

      HIGH GRADE is a fibrillated, high-performance fibre for the structural reinfocement of concrete. It can not only replace the use of stel fibres but can reduce and even eliminate the requirement for traditional steel reinforcement. 



      • Economical alternative to steel reinforcement
      • No protrusion or corrosion of fibres on the surface
      • Static report with Eurocode 2


      Areas of Application:

      • Industrial Floors
      • Concrete Sub-structures
      • Outdoor Concrete Slabs
      • Agricultural Floors
  • Technical Details

      Internal surface areas (Enclosed building):
      10 x 10 m with construction joints or
      30 x 30 m with joint profiling and perimeter reinforcement


      External surface areas
      Construction joints: max. 6 x 6 m


      Application limited or not possible with:
      Weight-bearing building elements (e.g. where a wall or support is constructed on the concrete slab)

      Impermeable concrete and water-storage constructions (limited)

  • Downloads

    • Static calculations in accordance with Eurocode 2
    • Expert consultation
    • Express delivery

    • Bag: 1 kg
    • Box: 12 water-soluble bags of 1 kg = 12 kg
    • Pallet: 25 boxes of 12 kg = 300 kg