• Product Information

      THENEROL BetoClean is a highly active concrete remover and degreaser developed using an advanced formulation of active ingredients. It has been developed for the removal and cleaning of mortar, cement and concrete residue.


      Areas of Application:

      • Concrete mixing vehicles and pumps
      • Construction machinery, tools and equipment


      • Thorough and quick cleaning of stubborn concrete soiling
      • Low consumption due to good adhesion to the surface to be cleaned
      • Effectively eliminates grease and residue left on surface
      • Protects seals, plastic and painted surfaces
  • Technical Details
      • Gel-like and ready to use formulation
      • Free organic and anorganic acids
      • Mild and gentle odour
      • Non-hazardous materials in accordance with ADR
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  • Service

    • Expert Consultation
    • Workplace Training
  • Batch Sizes

    • Container: 18 kg
    • Pallet: 432 kg (24 x 18 kg containers)